Keeping your gardening website online and functioning

Recently, I decided to make a foray into new territory. Since I specialise in growing orchids, I’m interested in selling my plants to experts in the community, and I wanted to create a website that would appeal to buyers. The problem is, I don’t know the first thing about creating websites, and according to my son, who is a lot craftier than I am with computers, I shouldn’t go to SquareSpace or any of those other website builders. He says, “They’re absolute garbage.” After taking a look at the editor and builder software, I tend to agree. The default gallery included with their themes isn’t spectacular, and I’d like to exhibit my high-def orchid photos with a bit more artistry. I mocked up my own design and put it up on a WordPress website, which I’m pretty happy with, but I noticed my home server kept going offline, so I got in touch with some professionals.

“The problem with running a website from your home server is that it’ll get overloaded if you’re not dealing with some serious hardware,” Karl from IE Systems Washington said, “If you’re going to run a website full time and serve a lot of customers at once, it would actually be a lot easier and a lot cheaper to lease a dedicated server in an area close to where your main traffic is coming from. In your case, you’re going to want to lease a dedicated server somewhere in Australia.”

Following the advice of IE Systems, I set up a dedicated server and got my website back online, and I haven’t had any problems since! WordPress is running like a charm, and I also moved the blog you’re visiting right now over to my new dedicated server. Notice that it’s a lot faster? That’s why!